Are you excited about your business but cringe at the thought of having to be the center of attention in order to be successful?

Are you fed up with being a best kept secret and sick and tired of having nobody know about you? Ready to be seen and heard by putting your message and offer out into the world so you can finally attract your dream clients?


Are you pretty sure you're ready to step out from behind your computer and step into your version of the spotlight?

Maybe you'll never be that outgoing, extroverted biz owner,
but guess what- you don't need to be.

I'll show you how to be more visible (more of the time),
and have the courage to share your authentic voice,
in a way that feels good to you, so you can be who you are
(a passionate, introverted, biz owner) AND own your spotlight.

Being an introverted entrepreneur myself, I know exactly how you feel.

  • • You’re scared to put yourself out there and share your voice with the world

  • • You feel you are ready to take your biz to the next level but you’re not sure where to start

  • • You aren’t clear on your message or how to be authentically you

  • • You aren’t making offers consistently
    because you’re afraid you don’t have enough experience

  • • You spend more time tinkering with your website than talking with clients
    because you think the website is what will get clients to say, “yes”
    (and it's safer behind your computer).


I totally felt like this, too.

Once I decided that I wanted to start my business, I thought it would be easy to start putting myself out there and bringing in clients. It may be easy, but it wasn’t easy for me.

I had somehow forgotten that I didn’t love being the center of attention.

I realized that I had a serious issue with perfectionism.

And I finally understood that marketing myself and my own business was different than anything I had done before.

To make matters worse...

I wasn’t sure who my ideal client was or where to find them.

My messaging wasn’t specific enough.

My offer was something random I had thrown together that I wasn’t even excited about.

Not a great recipe for becoming a high-level biz owner.

But, I figured out the secret sauce.

And now I am excited to:

  • • Put myself out there (including live videos which I was terrified to do in the beginning!)

  • • Make offers consistently and with confidence

  • • Talk to my community regularly about topics I know are helpful to them and provide amazing value

  • • Share my story, my vulnerability, and really connect with my clients

  • • Get on the phone and talk to my people about investing in themselves without feeling needy or pushy

You were meant for more.

For as long as I can remember, I have never enjoyed being the center of attention. I would get annoyed when people would look at me a little too long because I was sure that they were only cataloging my flaws. I was terrified that I wasn’t good enough to put myself out there. What if the information I was sharing wasn’t helpful, what if “they” thought it was stupid, what if “they” heckled me?


To get to where I am today, I had to keep putting myself out there.

I had to step into the spotlight, time and time again... perceived imperfections and all.


If I can do it, you can do it. You are absolutely capable of reaching all of your goals.


Shine Your Own Spotlight!

For introverted women who are finally ready to be seen in their business.


We will work together on the practical skills and develop the mindset needed for you to step into your spotlight and
finally bring your message and gifts to the world.

I’ve designed this package specifically for the introverted woman who desires to:

  • • Show up bigger than she has before and be seen more often

  • • Create a biz and life she loves NOW… not a year from now

  • • Make an impact, help others, and save the world

My past and current clients have:

  • • Built up the courage to consistently get in front of their clients so they can bring in more income

  • • Shifted from not knowing who it is they are here to help to clearly identifying their perfect clients

  • • Courageously stepped into their own dreams so they can love what they do

  • • Become totally aligned with themselves and know they don't have to show up like other extroverted biz owners to make a difference

I was excited to work with Lacey because I am definitely an introverted entrepreneur who struggles with putting myself out there and am always looking for ways to navigate that challenge. Lacey's genuine compassion and ability to stay intensely present during our time together made me feel so seen and heard. It was obvious that she understood and could empathize with my indecisiveness. We brainstormed ways to narrow down how I define my ideal client, which is something I've ALWAYS struggled with, as a result, I walked away feeling a renewed sense of excitement about my target demographic and also a greater ability to give myself permission to let it evolve as my business evolves. I appreciate how patiently she held a safe container for our conversation and asked me powerful questions; Lacey is a fantastic coach and I am grateful to have experienced her support.

~Sandra P.

Ready to feel confident and comfortable putting yourself out there, making more irresistible offers, and getting more yeses?



In this 10-week, 1:1 private coaching program, we will focus on:






Mindset is so important when we are creating and building out our biz.  It’s at least 85% of the game when it comes to our success.  And, it's imperative if we want to feel comfortable stepping into the spotlight.

Get ready to:

•  Banish the limiting beliefs sabotaging your success so you can show up 150% and put yourself out there consistently

•  Kick the fear of failure to the curb so you can finally connect with those you are meant to serve

• Create complete trust in yourself (and stop wondering whether you can really help others) so you can find your voice, speak up, and keep marketing your business in ways you enjoy

• Transform your mindset practice so you can prime your mind to work with you every day and never give up on your dreams







To put ourselves out there consistently we need to be comfortable with our voice, our message, and the way we choose to get in front of our perfect clients. We want our message (and our gifts) to reach those who need it most.

Get ready to:

• Discover your true passions, your gifts, and what makes you unique so you can get your authentic message out into the world

• Take a stand for who you are, what it is you do, and the impact you want to make so you can identify your voice and stand out from the crowd

• Get clear about your target market and how you can help them so you can resonate with ideal clients, nurture your community, and attract your perfect clients to you effortlessly

• Uncover your authentic message so you can feel completely in alignment with your purpose, feel passionate and excited about your work, and put yourself out there in ways you enjoy






To step into our spotlight and put our work out into the world, the offer needs to be exciting, enjoyable for you, and just what your clients need. We want to continuously build relationships and nurture our clients while we serve and share our gifts.

Get ready to:

• Put your message out there continuously so you can build a community of perfect clients, be seen, heard, and known in your industry, and get more yeses to working with you

• Design a killer offer that is exactly what your perfect clients need and an offer you believe in with your whole heart so you feel proud and comfortable putting your services out into the world

• Get clear on your value and your impact so you can speak directly to your clients' needs, feel good about asking to be paid for your gifts, and finally charge what your services are worth

• Step into the person you were meant to be so you feel confident and excited when telling others what it is you do and speaking to your clients about working with you


Are you ready to create a biz and life
you are in love with? Your 1:1 coaching package, for $1845, includes:

• One, 1 hour Skype session to get clarity on your goals for our time together
• Eight, 45 minute coaching calls, one per week with a week off in the middle for integration purposes
• Welcome Packet, to fill out before we begin so I can learn about your dreams and challenges
• Useful homework assignments, to keep you moving forward between our calls
• Email support, for questions or breakthroughs during the duration of your program
• Orientation materials, to get you set up for success during our sessions
• One free gift from Lacey to inspire your vision and your dreams


   Lacey's coaching was incredibly helpful. With all the small tasks that add up in running a business, I was struggling to find the time to look at the big picture and really move my business forward. Lacey encouraged me to focus on my ideal client profile and follow through with this strategy by putting myself in front of my audience both online and in my community. Lacey showed me the value in thinking about the bigger picture and gave me the tools to break down that strategy into smaller, actionable steps.
~Samantha A.





Imagine how it would feel...:


• For your ideal clients to come to you because they connect deeply with your authentic message
• To be perfectly in sync with your ideal clients so they absolutely can't wait to buy from you
• To wake up every day excited about your business
• To make a true difference in the world by sharing your unique voice powerfully and serving those you were meant to serve
• To easily move through fears and doubts, to have your beliefs working with you, and your mind saying, "you got this!"
• To create a life you love which gives you freedom to do the things you love
• To stop doubting yourself, your message, and your impact and finally share your gifts with the world



Look what other ladies are saying...

Work with Lacey if you want a step by step, tailored approach to stepping up from your job into your business. She’s here to help you grow as a business owner, and step it up to create exactly what you want. Her nuts and bolts will help you move forward faster than you thought was possible (and finally get out of that 9-5!) and support you in your journey!

~Lisette V.

I sought Lacey's help because I was too afraid to go after one of my biggest dreams: to become a Professional Resume Writer. Lacey was sincerely concerned about me and my situation. She helped me develop a clear action plan for me to accomplish my milestones. She addressed my fears and helped me to tear down my barriers. She had this incredible way of seeing the positive in every situation. Because of her, my confidence in my career has soared. After a few sessions with Lacey, I finally took the leap and started freelancing as a Professional Resume Writer. I've been freelancing for almost 2 months and I just finished working with my 10th client! Working with Lacey has been life changing. She will help you to unlock your power and potential. I cannot thank her enough for what she's done for me.

~Browning B.


Are you finally ready to share your message with the world
and make the impact you were meant to make?


I’ve been where you are and know
how important (and sometimes hard)
it is to commit to making a change.

Get support and make yourself a promise that at this time next year you will not be further from your dream life, more frustrated, and wishing you had taken action toward creating a biz and life you are in love with.

I don’t want you to continue to:


• Feel drained and exhausted at your 9 to 5 when you know you are meant for something more
• Struggle to get in front of your clients and connect with them month after month
• Remain frustrated about your lack of freedom and happiness
• Spend 6 hours a day behind your computer (with no income to show for it)
• Stay small and never share your gifts with the world
• Not have the freedom to do the things you want before you die
• Feel pushy and aggressive when talking to your people about working with you
• Struggle to be seen, heard, and known in your business and wrestle with visibility strategies that don't feel good to you


 Apply now and receive one free follow up session with your 3 month coaching package for $1845





P.S. The Special Bonus Offer of one free follow up session (valued at over $190) is available only to the next 3 ladies who sign-up.