Lacey Nagar • Visibility Expert

For introverted entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their spotlight

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Congrats!  You've made the decision to start your own business. 
You know that you want to make an impact, help others and save the world.
But this "getting clients" is trickier than you thought it would be.
Why? Because you don't feel comfortable being in the spotlight.


I know, I've been there.


You're ready to start bringing in clients consistently, but you're afraid to put yourself out there
because you're not sure what to say, how to say it, or how to be authentically you.
You cringe at the thought of doing a live video and are terrified of being exposed.


You want to make more offers so you can get more yeses to working with you (and actually make money!),
but right now that's impossible because you don't make offers regularly, you're not even sure what to offer let alone
how to price your offer, and you're terrified of hearing a "no"!


You're hiding a little because you aren't sure if what you have to say is important, you don't think you have enough experience, and you haven't found a way to put yourself out there that feels good (and congruent) to you and your brand.


You're feeling lost with all the other coaches out there because you feel like you need to do everything in the exact way they are... but that doesn't resonate with you.  You want to run your business your way and with your unique voice so that you can attract your perfect clients and watch your business take off.


Don't worry, my love... you're in the right place. 


I work with the new coach, consultant, and service-based biz owner who is finally ready
to stop hiding and playing small in her business and step into the spotlight so she can serve those she was meant to serve and make the impact she was destined to make.


I'm here to help you put yourself out there consistently (and in ways you enjoy), make more irresistible offers (more of the time), and resonate with your perfect clients (to build lasting relationships) so you can finally be seen, known, and heard in your business.


Where Do I Start?


Lacey was such an inspiration for me. I was instantly relieved of stress after one phone conversation. She helped me to realize the drive and motivation I had within myself. Because of Lacey's help I put myself out of my comfort zone and have since accomplished something that I only thought was a fantasy! She helped me to realize I had already made a decision myself in my mind, that I didn't need anyone else's approval, and that with effort I could make it happen.
It is happening! All so unbelievably fast.

~Allison M.